In dit prachtige landschap beleef jij de mooiste avonturen. Maak jij op het juiste moment in het jaar de juiste keuzes?

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Verwachte leverdatum 21 november 2018

Within the charming valley of Everdell, beneath the boughs of towering trees, among meandering streams and mossy hollows, a civilization of forest critters is thriving and expanding. From Everfrost to Bellsong, many a year have come and gone, but the time has come for new territories to be settled and new cities established. You will be the leader of a group of critters intent on just such a task. There are buildings to construct, lively characters to meet, events to host—you have a busy year ahead of yourself. Will the sun shine brightest on your city before the winter moon rises?

Aantal spelers: 1-4
Best with: 3
Tijd: 60 minuten
Leeftijd: 12+
Taal: Engels
Complexiteit: Gemiddeld
Dicetower Judgement: Approval
Legacy: Nee
Coöp: Nee